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Encounter Contemporary Art at Gävle Konstcentrum!

Gävle Konstcentrum is part of the municipality of Gävle and a platform for Swedish and international contemporary art. Konstcentrum enables the public to encounter art through activities that contribute to discussions and to a better understanding of the historical, social and cultural contexts of contemporary art. Contemporary art is conceptual and creates possibilities to critically reflect on the times and the society we live in.
Gävle Konstcentrum encompasses a gallery, with ca five temporary exhibitions per year, and a programme which includes comprehensive art education activities. New art projects are produced in close cooperation with the artists and on occasion, in collaboration with other curators and contemporary art institutions. Gävle Konstcentrum is responsible for public art in Gävle, which entails directing new public art projects for municipal properties and public spaces. Gävle Konstcentrum is responsible for Gävle’s municipal art collection and also deals with other questions pertaining to art, for example, support for local art initiatives within the municipality.
At Gävle Konstcentrum art projects are developed, with expert knowledge and sensitivity to the conditions surrounding contemporary art. Our ambition is to encourage the ability of art to challenge perceptions and conventions in order to investigate and expand our view of the world. We want to create the prerequisites for unexpected encounters and contribute to more open structures for a more democratic society. In our encounters with the public we will foster interest in contemporary art through engagement and participation, while at the same time, encouraging critical reflection.