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Programme and Education

Programme and Education – something for everybody

Gävle Konstcentrum’s programme and educational activities are aimed at everyone who is interested in discovering contemporary art, regardless of age and prior knowledge or familiarity. Groups wishing a private viewing or who want to work together with an instructor in the studio can plan and book these activities with us.

One part of our educational programme is working with schools in the local municipality. In consultation with teachers, we provide viewings, discussions and forms for creative activities in the studio for all age groups – from preschool children to upper secondary students. Gävle Konstcentrum also organises further education or  courses  for teachers upon request. In addition, we provide activities for children and young people during school holidays. Contact us for further information before the next school holiday.

Our guided lunchtime tours of the current exhibition take 30 minutes and they are held every Saturday and Sunday at 13.00. If you don’t speak swedish, please let us know and we will make the guided tour in english.